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Preorder A Clockwork Orange Defo-Real Series Statue Alex DeLarge 2 Ludovico Tech Ver. 15 cm

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Star Ace continues its salute to the Stanley Kubrick classic, A Clockwork Orange with another Defo Real of juvenile delinquent Alex Delarge. This statue features Alex undergoing the tortuous “Ludovico Technique” to “cure” him of his violent tendencies. In this highly detailed sculpture Alex is strapped to a chair with his eyelids pinned back. He screams in agony as his beautiful Ludwig Van plays while he’s forced to watch scenes of ultra-violence. Hand sculpted by the artisans at Kaibutsuya Shop, each mini-statue is painted by skilled artisans.

Made of PVC and mixed media, this piece stands 15 cm tall and comes in an official art box.